Flying Courses :
Presently the BLUE FLYING ACADEMY LTD offers a variety of courses in accordance with the rules and regulations of Civil Aviation Authority of Bangladesh.


Private Pilot's License (PPL) Course

Prerequisites :
Minimum age for Student Pilot's License – 16 years Education: Minimum SSC/ 'O' Level equivalent (with Physics & Mathematics) Proficient in English language. Medical fitness as per CAAB rules. Acceptance of Enrollment – by CAAB


Commercial Pilot's Licence" (CPL) Course

Private Pilot License (PPL) Minimum 17 years of age Education: Minimum HSC / 'A' Level equivalent, With Physics & Mathematics Medical Fitness as per CAAB rules. Proficient in English language


Instrument Rating
Valid Pilot's License. Minimum 50 flight hrs of cross-country flying as Pilot-in-Command. Minimum 40 flight hrs of 'Instrument' time Ground Class as per CAAB Syllabus Passed written exam (6 subj) conducted by CAAB Flight Instructor Rating


Flight Instructor Rating

Minimum age: 21 yrs Holder of valid CPL or higher. Holder of valid Instrument Rating Ground Class as per CAAB syllabus Passed written exam conducted by CAAB 30 hrs of patter flying under certified Flight Instructor
Multi-Crew Pilot's License
Airlines Transport Pilot License Course It will be notified when it is available.